Val Mack

Hello. I'm Val, a software engineer and HCI/UX researcher with a focus on distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and Web3 applications.

Below you will see some of the projects I've worked on. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on Github.

Solidity, Web3, Node.js REST API, Next.js

I developed a protocol in Solidity to register archeological artifacts on Ethereum, track their movement and authenticate their provenance.

React Native & React.js

I built and user tested a prototype of a cryptocurrency mobile app.

I developed and user tested a mobile-web version of the BRD paper key generation process.

Websocket & React.js

This is a React app that tracks Bitcoin transactions. Users can input a wallet address and view inputs and outputs from the block explorer. The app uses a websocket to subscribe to updates so that new transactions can be displayed in realtime.

Websocket, React, thevaleriemack

D3.js & Spotify Web API

Using the Spotify API, I developed an app to build mixtapes. Users can search for an artist and select songs to add to their playlist based on recommendations. The recommendations are displayed in a node-based graph. Each node is a top song by an artist related to the last artist on the playlist. The popularity of the song is indicated by the size of the node.

D3, Spotify, thevaleriemack


I helped ExecThread develop their public facing website. I worked with the lead designer, wireframing experience flows and creating mockups. I also worked with the lead frontend developer and refactored our code to be pixel perfect and flexible for future development.

HTML, CSS, thevaleriemack

Game Design

Play on NewGrounds | Play on Kongregate

Clone Combat is a game that I created with classmates for our Analytics-Driven Game Design course. My primary roles were user interface and user experience designer. I also came up with the game concept--a puzzle platformer where the player has to defeat clones who mirror each of the player's inputs in real time. The game was featured on Newgrounds and received over 20,000 plays in the first week.

Game design, thevaleriemack

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